Colors And The Human Response Color Adds Variety And Beauty To Life

Changing colors is an easy way to change the feeling and appearance of a room and in combination with the flooring, furniture and decor, colors make interior design a functional art.


Do you feel peaceful by seeing this color? What things in nature are blue? A placid lake or a transparent blue usually call you to take a seat and luxuriate in, right? Well, rooms with a primary color of blue tend to ask our minds to relax and sit awhile. The colour during this photo was compared to a robin’s egg. You’ll always compare colors to the wildlife to work out if that color are some things you’ll handle whenever you walk into an area. Also, the colour blue tinted (muted by adding white or gray) can look and feel costlier.


What is green in nature? Grass and foliage. What does green mean to you? I think of growth and renewal. I also think of energy which is fitting since green can stimulate conversation and fun. Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring green into your interiors. We had an entire room painted John Deere green when we moved in and this was overwhelming and too dark.


Think royalty with purple. It’s a symbol of wealth and power. It is often paired with another royal color, gold. It’s dramatic and connotes a mixture of sorrow and keenness. A muted purple is gorgeous in little girls’ rooms and vanities and suggests refinement. The darker shade of purple can tire the eyes, so use this color with care.


This bold color encourages passionate feelings of affection or hate. In nature, a hot fire, blood and roses wear the colour well and represent much of the powerful feelings related to the colour. This color demands attention and adds life to an area. This color, too, must be used with discretion. I even have yet to ascertain an area with the dominant color of red that I prefer. I don’t get to feel fear or aggression or to possess my pulse to hurry up, which are all results and emotions related to the colour red.


I always consider a warm ray of sunshine once i consider yellow. I personally love the colour yellow. It’s a bright and cheerful color that infuses energy into an area. Paired with gray, it’s balanced and delightful. There’s an innocent happiness, light and intellectualism within the color. But a dull yellow is often related to sickness, aging, and cowardice, so you’ll want to avoid decorating a whole room this way…think of the story “the yellow wallpaper.”


This is a fearless color that asserts youthfulness, spontaneity and sociality. In nature we see it within the burnt orange of the autumn leaves and within the fruit that shares the color’s name. This color stimulates breathing, immunity, and brain activity. It’s also wont to signify caution or insincerity. My favorite color to mix orange with its complement on the colour wheel, blue.


Think of a rock. It’s nondescript, yet it carries weight and appears beautiful with other colors. Gray may be a popular color that appears smart, sleek and goes with most colours. It’s a color of peace, longevity and wisdom. A negative aspect of gray is that’s emotionless and may be monotonous. Nearly all the walls in my house are gray because it’s a gentle color and other people who use gray “prefer a secure and balanced existence” (Przybyla, 2019).


Heavenly, clean, innocent. We see this color nature through clouds, snow, and lamb fleece. It’s a light-weight and airy color that reflects light well and provides a way of sterility. This color is additionally a neutral color that luminates other colors well. Right now, most kitchens are white, but it isn’t boring when pops of color through accessories, appliances, hardware and art get to require the middle stage too. Take care with whites in spaces that don’t have natural light because the synthetic lighting can change how the white looks. This color also can cause feelings of emptiness, unfriendliness or indecision.


This is an earthy color that reminds us of dirt, trees, and mother earth. It’s a color that elicits feelings of coziness and safety; brown invites us to take a seat, rest and be content. I chose tan and brown for my front room initially for this very reason. It’s the space i would like to snuggle into a blanket and skim an honest book in.


The contrast with black and white is stunning. Black is related to dignity and class. Notice that the majority professionals wear black–the incontrovertible fact that it visually slims the body is merely one reason. There’s mystery with black and in western cultures it’s related to death and negativity. For the house, black adds glamour and ritual to an area. Black, like white, may be a classic color which will always have an area in interiors.

Color theory

Now that you simply know more about color psychology, we will find out how to use these colors in your spaces intentionally. Most of you would like to understand more about color because you would like to select paint colors, choose the colour of your furniture or choose an entire colour scheme for an area or house. I will be able to first offer you a basic check out color then we’ll break it down and apply to the projects that you simply might want to figure on. To form an honest decision, you would like to know the colour wheel and there are tools like color schemer and palleton which will be super helpful too.

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