Website Design Style

With the development of the Internet in the past 30 years, it has penetrated into thousands of households and is always changing people’s lives. The app company hong kong industry is the first door of the Internet. Today, I will discuss with you the design styles and ideas of websites in various countries, including the differences between European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, and Chinese style.

The development of the Internet started in the United Kingdom, followed by the United States. Therefore, until now, the overall design of the website in the United States and the overall design of the British website are very close, including typographic design, reasonable layout and text, which are all very similar. And nowadays, their website design concept is also called one school, and many designers call it European and American style website. So, what does the actual European and American style website look like? What are the characteristics:


1. European and American website design style


Some are creative, but most of the websites are mainly to display products, and they are straightforward to spread the products on the homepage, so that users can browse all the key products in the first time when entering the website, which is simple and clear. Because the thinking of European and American users is different from that of Chinese people. For example, when it comes to communicating with people, Europeans and Americans like to summarize first and then state, while Chinese people like to state first and then summarize. These are two completely different modes of thinking. Therefore, in terms of website design, European and American websites are relatively intuitive and will not go around.


2. Japanese and Korean website design style


The Japanese and Korean website designs are very innovative, and they are called kawaii in Korean words. There is no lack of romantic colors. In terms of website design thinking mode, websites in Japan and South Korea are different from those in China, Europe and the United States. Japanese and Korean websites like to attract users visually. Regardless of the industry’s website, there will always be a lot of creative costs in viewing Japanese and Korean websites. They are not the same as domestic websites. They strive to be novel and dynamic. This is really worth learning from domestic web design companies.


3. Chinese website design style


From the beginning to the present, China has never formed a style with its own characteristics. So most of the websites we see now are Japanese and Korean styles, but Japanese and Korean style websites are localized by Chinese website designers. If you have to say that there is a Chinese style website design style, then the antique carved gallery-like ancient scholarly website may be classified as the Chinese style of website design. However, this type of website has no way to win the approval of most users. For example, a technology industry or financial industry cannot use such a design. To put it in a more popular way, as long as some industries with modern characteristics cannot use the profound Chinese style to design websites.




The content of the European and American style website looks very simple and unified. They pursue a perfect web page that is clean and tidy, and they are known for their simplicity and generosity. The large images and animation applications of Japanese and Korean websites make some of them feel quite visually impactful. The Chinese style is in the advertising and planning industry, as well as some cosmetics and clothing manufacturing industries. web page design hk is easier to win the recognition and favor of users. For the manufacturing industry and some high-tech industries, many people hope that the website design style is more European and American.

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