Circular Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen, as the indispensable equipment for sand production line and beneficiation production line, plays an essential part in production operation of many industries, especially in fine manipulations, which put higher demands on screening equipment.

Recently, ZENITH has adopted the most advanced design concept and has finally launched the new type of circular vibrating screen — S5X circular vibrating screen.

It is applicable to various screening operations, including heavy, medium and fine screening, thus becoming the ideal screening equipment to dispose primary crushing and secondary crushing materials.


As a general rule, it is applicable to these typical screening operations — in-material ≤200mm, partition size (2mm-70mm), such as gravel aggregate, metal mine, coal, chemical engineering, renewable resources utilization and so on.

Performance Highlights

1) Strong Vibration Intensity

— Higher Processing Capacity And Screening Efficiency

Vibration intensity G-force is a key indicator to measure performance of vibrating screen; the current foreign advanced level: 3.5-4.5g, domestic general level: about 3.0g. Vibration Intensity of S5X circular vibrating screen of Shanghai Zenith can reach 3.2-4.2g, which has higher processing capacity and screening efficiency than traditional equipment in the same case.

2) SV Vibration Exciter

— Efficient, Reliable And Convenient

SV1 – SV4- model vibration exciter can meet different excitation requirements of various-size vibrating screens, the parts of which are equipped with higher universality, compatibility and standardization.

3) Adopt Finite Element Dynamic Analysis

— More Professional And Secure

The screening box adopts finite element dynamic analysis to ensure the strength and weight balance of design and fatigue control within scope of security.

4) Advanced Craftsmanship

— Automatic-Laser Blanking Cutting

The lateral plate adopts whole-plate laser cutting technology with no welding. All strengthened parts adopt high- intensity torsional shear bolts, which makes installation more convenient and helps avoid cracking risks of tradition welding methods.

S5x Circular Vibrating Screen Vs Traditional Circular Vibrating Screen

Compared with the traditional circular vibrating screen, ZENITH S5X circular vibrating screen boasts the following unparalleled advantages:

Technical Background

Traditional circular vibrating screen: adopts eccentric shaft exciting mode with electric motor and sieve transmitted directly by belts, which are old technologies of the 80s;

S5X circular vibrating screen: adopts the most advanced design concept and modular piece of eccentric vibrator technology. It introduces German KHD flexible transmission structure in terms of transmission.

Service Life Of Bearings

Traditional circular vibrating screen: adopts two sets of large-diameter bearings and has shorter service life with higher speed of bearing roller under similar rotation speed and bearing weight.

S5X circular vibrating screen: service life of bearings is longer. It adopts two sets of SV exciter and four sets of relatively small diameter-bearings.

Lubrication Methods

Traditional circular vibrating screen: mostly adopts thin oil lubrication and causes oil leakage on the spot.

S5X circular vibrating screen: adopts grease lubrication and special maze design without risks of oil leakage in addition to the automatic greasing device, which can meet higher application needs according to site conditions.

Driving Modes

Traditional circular vibrating screen: motor power is directly transmitted to vibrating screens by two belt wheels, which makes belts tend to break and affects motor service life and sifting machine moving trajectory.

S5X circular vibrating screen: motor power is conveyed to vibrating screen by two belt wheels, a set of shaft seat and a set of flexible coupling, excluding the motor.

Supporting Modes

Adopts more expensive rubber spring, which is featured with longer service life, stronger corrosion resistance, lower noise and smaller impact compared with the traditional metal spring.

Manufacturing Techniques

S5X lateral plate adopts whole plate laser cutting technology without welding and adopts high-strength wristed and nipped bolt, which makes installation more convenient and avoids cracking risks caused by traditional welding methods.

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