Zetlight UFO could also be a really interesting LED light, and its design immediately catches your attention. Usually, led light bulb manufacturer will design to catch up on the restrictions of their products in other areas, but the looks of Zetlight UFO is analogous thereto , it’s a sort of lamp with excellent performance.

For an entire summary of Zetlight UFO, please ask our last article to find out more about its complete specification sheet, and now, we’ll delve into the likes and dislikes of Zetlight UFO.


·The noise of the fan increases with the rise of the temperature of the fixture, and it’s usually very loud at startup.
The manufacturer’s application doesn’t appear to be polished, and there are not any more timer slots than other competing products.
· The cloud darkens and darkens too fast to simulate the cloud and appears strange.
·The cord fixing clip that comes with the sun is randomly snapped in half after installation.
· Additional plugs for wireless control access points are redundant and annoying.
·The moon halo didn’t cast light into the tank, but it had been cool


·The spectrum is extremely full, with a pleasing , refreshing white appearance, allowing blue to penetrate and transmit the fluorescence within the coral.
·The blue channel is extremely powerful and may convey rich colors.
· Once programmed, it’ll perform its daily work very reliably.
It looks very whitewashed the aquarium.
·The mounting arm has multiple adjustment points, which may provide unlimited choices for the positioning of the sun.
· Corals are adaptable, very obvious, direct, and adaptable to feedback. It seems easier to urge listening than most LED lights.

Compared with the Zetlight UFO, the difference is that regardless of what settings you employ for the varied color channels, the spectrum looks very balanced. From navy to full spectrum, the colour of coral is extremely clear, and clearly presents various reminders of red and orange.

Another thing about the Zetlight UFO is that despite the extremely uniform distribution of sunlight, the degree of prominence of the flash lines is extremely obvious. Somehow, Zetlight created a light-weight feature with more concentrated focused light while still illuminating this 24-inch aquarium evenly from edge to edge.

This is an LED light, and led light supplier are happy to use it for a spread of aquarium applications, and actually , space design is straightforward on the eyes.

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