How To Choose A Wedding Dress Correctly

Recently, the epidemic has been repeated, and many prospective couples have decided to take wedding photos, hold weddings, and complete wedding banquets as soon as possible before the tightening of epidemic prevention measures. There will always be many brides-to-be who have a headache about how to choose a wedding gown hk. Today, I will tell all the little fairies how to correctly choose their favorite wedding dress.

First of all, the body shape of the bride is roughly divided into 5 types: apple, hourglass, straight, pear, and inverted triangle.

– Apple-shaped body: slender and slender lower limbs, round and prominent waist
-Hourglass shape: shoulders and hips are as wide as the hips, with a clear waist
-Straight body type: Shoulders are the same width as hips, but the waist has little to no curve
– Pear-shaped body: characterized by narrow shoulders, thin waist, wide hips, plump thighs, and fat deposits mainly in the buttocks and thighs
– Inverted triangle shape: Shoulders are significantly wider than hips

Regardless of your body type, don’t worry about choosing a style. As long as you choose well, beauty is indispensable. Different body types match different styles of dresses. As long as it is simple to cover up the shortcomings and highlight the advantages, every bride can wear the perfect wedding dress in her heart.

There are 5 types of wedding dresses:
-straight wedding dress
-A-line wedding dress
– Tube top mermaid wedding dress
-Princess wedding dress
– High waist line wedding dress

The classification of wedding dresses is divided according to the different characteristics of the female human body, such as curve, thin, transparent, revealing, soft, smooth, light, dignified, subtle, and hazy, and different ways of showing the beauty of the human body.

Generally speaking, wedding dresses are mainly classified into these categories: A-line wedding dresses, straight wedding dresses, flat wedding dresses, small trailing wedding dresses, large trailing wedding dresses, tutu-skirt wedding dresses, one-piece wedding dresses, suspender wedding dresses, tube top wedding dresses, Plain wedding dresses, beaded wedding dresses, puff sleeve wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses, close-fitting wedding dresses, high waist line wedding dresses.

Knowing the basic styles of these wedding dresses, you can choose the right wedding dress according to your body shape and occasion.


Kind tips*


1. First determine the hard conditions such as style, style, color, budget, etc. that you want.

2. Bring 2-3 friends to accompany you to try on the wedding dress and listen to the opinions of the friends, but don’t bring too many people, so as not to be difficult to judge.

3. The wedding dress will definitely be tried on. Don’t eat too much before trying it on, so as not to protrude your belly and affect the real effect.

4. Wedding dresses require sufficient patience and physical strength. Don’t feel tired. Be sure to shop around to see and compare more.

5. Before deciding on the wedding dress, be sure to ask bridal boutique hong kong about the content of the order and the accessories that need to be matched on the wedding day.

6. Hand-made wedding gown hk are generally more expensive for those with more accessories, large tails, and hand-made sequins and embroidery on the skirt.

7. Know how to negotiate the price and discount of wedding dresses with the bridal boutique. Generally, bridal boutique hong kong are corresponding discounts to negotiate when buying wedding dresses. If you want to benefit from it, you must talk about it.

8. Read more magazines and designer styles, and also refer to some real shots of wedding gown hk, and try to refer to some styles and styles as much as possible.

Finally, I wish every little fairy can find their perfect w

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